April Cardena

Founding Partner

April is a veteran government strategist and public affairs expert. She currently serves as a Child Advocate with the Young Center for Immigrant and Children’s Rights and as a Board Member of the Youth Advisory Council which helps to direct the NYPD on policy initiatives and community relations. April is also a proud recipient of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations through her continued efforts to advance racial equity across New York. April has previously worked as the Constituent Liaison for a New York City Council office and is the former Regional Director of the New York State Republican Party. She is currently on a law track at NYU, and serves as the Vice President of Advocacy on campus.


Premier Team

Gregory J. Kirsopp

Founding Partner

Gregory currently serves as the Assistant Political Director of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. He has worked in executive roles in, both, the public and private sectors, and, currently, serves as a Senior Advisor and Board Member to, multiple, multi-million dollar companies/non-profits. Prior to

co-founding Premier Strategies, Inc., Gregory worked in both the U.S. House of Representatives as well as the New York City Council, and has a repertoire of government and legislative as well as corporate communications experience. He brings over ten years of business and political consulting expertise to the firm, and has comprehensive knowledge and real-world proficiency in working alongside corporate executives as well as elected officials.

Reed Alexander

Director of Media Outreach and Engagement

Having worked as a reporter and news contributor with Dow Jones, CNN's International Broadcasting Center, and as a BBC Radio contributing correspondent and host of #ReedOnAIR, Reed has interviewed influencers, celebrities, and Grammy Award winners and hosted specials on everything from the 2015 UK General Election to breaking news and beyond. He also serves as Co-Founder & CEO of Reed Alexander Media, a leading business development and consulting firm specializing in Consumer/Mobile Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Development, Legal Consultancy, Digital Development, SEO, and more. Reed also serves as an Ambassador for President Bill Clinton's Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and has collaborated extensively with former First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Reed starred on Nickelodeon's #1 sitcom iCarly, and is instantly recognizable for his signature role as the infamous "Nevel Papperman." He shot to fame globally and has become one of the highest profile rising stars today.

James Abel

Business and Development Advisor

Jim brings over 12 years of executive sales and corporate development experience to the team. He currently heads up sales and business development for both Frequency Technology, a data and analytics company, as well well as Triller, an emerging tech and social platform. Prior to this, Jim served as Vice President of Audience and Senior Director of Business and Corporate Development at RockYou, a San Francisco-based media and tech company. Spearheading all strategic partnership and acquisition opportunities. At the height of this growth, he and his team were responsible for closing and on-boarding twelve M&A transactions in under two years, and in doing so, taking the company to profitability while scaling revenue from $25m to over $150m during that same time period.

Taylor Garcia

Creative Director

Taylor is an experienced business professional who has worked in the private sector and for non-profit organizations. She has derived most of her experience working in the arts both as a performer and a management professional. Taylor has utilized her passion for the arts to cultivate expertise in management, event management, business development, marketing and public relations. She has assisted in grant writing and fundraising for non-profit organizations across New York.  Additionally, Taylor has worked within the public school system to help develop arts and education based curriculum and continues to provide consultation for public and private companies nationally.

Alan Novich, Esq.

Legal Counsel

Alan is a multi-faceted businessman and lawyer, specializing in both corporate matters (in-house, SEC) and outside, difficult matters that need fixing. Alan is the former Senior Vice President for Steve Madden Ltd. at which he wore many hats: Management liaison to Board of Directors, Special Assistant to the CEO/Chairman, Head of Human Resources, Director of Construction Operations, Director of Lease Management, Director of Outside Legal Resources, Director of Intellectual Property and Licensing Resources, Secretary to the Board of Directors and all committees thereof. Alan has also participated in over 50 IPOS and an additional 100+ financings of public and private companies.

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